The Best Music Festival In The World

The Best Music Festival In The WorldThe Clinch Mountain Music Festival was held in Gate City Virginia, in June of 2015, and it was not just about hearing some good country music, but it is all about the preservation of the old time musical heritage that came with the early settlers of the area from the old country.

In addition to the music there was a lot of fun happening with many vendors and food stands to help ease the way along each day. Even though there were intermittent rain showers a few times, that didn’t prevent the music from happening nor did it prevent the people from enjoying themselves.

Granted the music from Left Lane, the Tyler Williams Band from Johnson City, Tn, The Regan Boggs Band, Matthew Hurd & Company, The Trey Hensley Band from Nashville and others provided music that was enjoyed by all. Mountain music is the second language of the people that live here and the wonderful display was better than ever as the crowds enjoyed it.

The King Alley Beer Garden was active as well, as the hot weather encouraged the consumption of good beer and sodas. The Olde World Market, featuring local Arts and Crafts, and opportunities for local crafters and artisans. The food was exceptional this year with lots of fresh produce, canned goods, and wonderful local baked items.

The entire food venue was reflective of the local taste for home grown and home made, which tickled the palates of everyone attending the Clinch Mountain Music Festival.

Music venues were held both in Gate City and in Hiltons, VA at Carter Fold. The entire event was well received by all who attended, after a couple of years where the event was not held. The entire 9 days of music, events, food and fun bode well for the continuation of the event in full form in the future.